Membership is where we have a monthly masterclass training, monthly Q and A, monthly mindset session, and one guest expert trainer. The goal of membership is to develop your skills in a specific area monthly.

Quiana’s First Quarter Masterclass's

You will receive a live masterclass every month with Q&A!

Quiana’s First Quarter Masterclass January 2021 Database Management this class will include a detailed tutorial. You will need “The Blueprint” templates to go along with this. If you have your own templates you can follow along February 2021 Preparing to onboard new buyer and seller clients to kick off the spring season. Circle prospecting, farming, managing leads, negotiation strategies and special stipulations, managing objections, and winning the sale. March 2021 Managing a support staff to grow your business. We will discuss showing assistants, executive assistants, building a team, payment structures, splits, bonuses, etc.

ATFS Membership Edition:

Membership is live training and development. ATFS membership edition is designed to provide ongoing training, group mentorship, and development.

ATFS Membership Edition 

What to expect EVERY Month!

>>Q&A with Quiana Watson 

>>Mindset Session

>>Expert Guest Trainer

>>Monthly Masterclass 

Bonus: Two coffee chats in the exclusive ATFS Membership Private Facebook Group

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  • How much time do I need to dedicate each day to ATFS to be successful?

    I know we all have lives outside of Real Estate but I am a strong believer that what you focus on will flourish and I know you want your business to flourish. Between the book of the month, monthly masterclasses, and all the other personal/professional development resources I will give you, I honestly think dedicating an hour a day will get you to your desired goals. All of the lessons are recorded and you have access to the training materials at your leisure so it is self paced.

  • Can I get a refund if I don’t like Agent Tools For Success Membership.

    We don’t offer refunds once you’ve purchased. We hate to see you leave but we understand. You need to give a 60 days notice to cancel your membership. If you decide to join membership again, you will have to pay the $349 activation fee.

  • What’s included in membership?

    Each month, you will receive: Week 1: Q and A session with Quiana Week 2: 2 hour live Masterclass from an Industry Expert Week 3: Quiana’s Monthly Masterclass Week 4: Personal Development with Quiana (Let’s talk mindset, money, and milestones)

  • I can’t afford membership now. When will it open again for enrollment?

    This is your season so the money is definitely about to flow into your bank account. Membership opens sporadically throughout the year so make sure you join our mailing list so you can receive ATFS updates.

  • Is Agent Tools For Success Membership only for women?

    Not at all. We welcome men to join our community.

  • What is the difference between The Blueprint and Membership?

    The Blueprint is self-paced pre-recorded content designed to assist you in building your business from A-Z. This includes email templates, best practices, how to begin in real estate, dressing for success, database management etc. Membership is live training and development. ATFS membership edition is designed to provide ongoing training, group mentorship and development after you have the foundation from ”The Blueprint”. Although the purchase of “The Blueprint” is highly recommend it is not required. Keep in mind that membership will not provide you with templates. You will receive a workbook and syllabus, but the templates again will not be provided.

  • I have another question that wasn’t addressed here. How can I reach you?

    No problem. Email